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Playstation 4 Vs PC

So here is what we officially know about the ps4

The PS4 will have an impressive 8 core processor; well done Sony you've done it again and made another console with too much wasted processing power. It also comes with an impressive

We don't know much about the GPU except it is a 1.84 TFLOPS an AMD next-generation Radeon. But from the amount of TFlops we can tell 1 thing as PC enthusiasts...The PC has already beaten the PS4 I'm not bragging that's just the hard truth. So lets first talk about the ps3

It was realised in November 2006 550mhz 256MB video card and 256MB RAM.

So in the PC market during this time you could pick up a ATi Radeon X1650 XT PCI-E released one month EARLIER then the PS3 for less than half the price of the PS3 and 125MHz faster. It has now been 7 years and the ps3 was overtaken even before it was released, and most likely the PS4 will be out dated in a couple of months before release.

It's a sad but true fact that consoles are losing their flare if they already haven't and the PC while an ancient beast is still dominant because of its versatility. An Xbox controller can turn it into a console without any problems.

I'm not being a fanboy I loved the PS2 and thought all these people with high end PC's are all ignorant show offs but no when I built mine 2 years ago I thought of future proofing it for at least 5-6 years. Even games coming out now can't make it sweat. No lag ever on the PS3 I have noticed some. Consoles are a thing of the past and that is where they belong.

A lot more people these days are using mobiles to play games on the go so the console is not doing so good. Stay tuned for a review on the PS Vita

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